Care Partner Support Series

5 Weekly 90 minute Sessions

The Care Partner Support Series is a five-session series designed for those who provide support to their loved ones living with dementia.  The series provides an educational forum introducing several relevant topics, and also fosters support among the participants and facilitators.  The sessions are intended to be interactive and exploratory, encouraging and assisting participants to apply what they’ve learned to their own, unique situations.  

Topics covered during the Care Partner Support Series

Session 1 – Facing Dementia

  • Taking stock of own strength and non-strength areas as they relate to being a care partner of a loved one living with dementia
  • Learning and understanding the four truths of dementia
  • Understanding that dementia is brain failure, and brain failure results in changes 

Session 2 – Skills and Coping

  • Learning how we take information in through our five senses, and which senses are most prominent
  • The Amygdala’s function and how it impacts our behavior
  • Exploring why leading with compassion instead of with an agenda can result in greater success
  • The sequencing of Visual, Verbal, Touch (Show, Say, Do) when interacting and why this sequencing is important 
  • Learning the skill of Hand-Under-Hand™ to connect and, ultimately, to provide guidance and support.

Session 3 – Awareness Skills and Lessons

  • Exploring the need for serious self-care
  • Practicing breathing and letting go
  • Understanding and accepting sensory loss, and how those losses may contribute to a person’s distress
  • Importance of body language and approach, and the use of the supportive stance
  • Developing Awareness of Sleep and Eating Patterns in self and loved one, and understanding how differences may contribute to challenges 

Session 4 – The Long Haul

  • Putting it all together – Learning about the different pieces of the puzzle to be solved, and which pieces can be influenced/modified to accommodate changing abilities.

Session 5 – Time Use and Wrap up

  • Analyzing how care partner and loved one spend their time, and understanding the need for balance among different activity categories
  • Learning five ways to say I’m Sorry to address a need and relieve distress
  • Resource review and series wrap-up

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