Dementia Caregiver Guide: Book Study

Experience expert, Teepa Snow’s book The Dementia Caregiver Guide through an interactive workshop or series led by a Certified Positive Approach to Care® Trainer, Coach, Consultant and Mentor

In this 1-day workshop (or series) participants will be led through the guidebook, with videos and activities that enhance understanding and build experience with the communication and care techniques.


This simple, easy to read, 100-page guidebook helps family members, friends, and caregivers to better understand the changes that come with advancing dementia or other impairments in thinking, reasoning, or processing information. It also reinforces the impact of Teepa Snow’s guidance and person-centered care interventions including the GEMS and Positive Approach to Care techniques. The goal is to provide better support and care practices when someone is living with an ever-changing condition. By appreciating what has changed but leveraging what is still possible, care partners can choose interactions that are more positive, communication that is more productive, and care that is more effective and less challenging for all involved.

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