Here’s what some of our learners have said:

‘Amazing experience and the coaches are so knowledgeable’ -Alma Cook

‘I have been a nurse for 28 years and found this information very valuable! It is amazing to see how the approaches we learned work in the real world!’ -Krista Amato

‘This class is a MUST for anyone working with the senior population regardless of their “home” environment, i.e. ALF, private home aides, nursing homes.’ -Vikki Kalitsi

‘Lots of useful information, I am implementing a lot of things learned. Loved this course, can’t wait to see what’s next! Jessica and Cheryl did an amazing job!’ -Rebecca McDonald

‘You ladies are amazing. No words can express how much joy and emotion both of you bring me. I appreciated getting to hang out and learn from both of you and everyone else who participated in the sessions. Thank you again. The GEMS Series was rewarding for me because it was jammed packed with knowledge, techniques, and skills. Facilitators go out of their way to ensure that all individuals have a simultaneous experience that is meaningful and purposeful within the group. Definitely worth every second of time and penny!’ -Candace Moreau

‘Everyone needs this training’ -Tasha

‘Jessica is a positive, caring, intelligent woman, perfect for this profession’ -Grindl 

‘Very Informative. Were given multiple opportunities to try different skills, reflect and share on the materials and opinions of others’ -Samantha

‘Great information – very well presented. Jessica is very knowledgeable.’ -Laurie

‘Thank you for more tools for us to use when we are doing our work. Helpful’ -RL

‘Very clear, excellent speaker, great examples & participation activities’ -Shannon  

‘I am happy to say I will be leaving this PAC TRAINING session with a better understanding of Dementia and how it alters the Brain. The information provided was easy to comprehend and quite interesting. I’m very excited to begin implementing everything I’ve learned here today to enhance the quality of care I provide. Thank you.’ -Emma

‘Jessica is very knowledgeable and explains things so well. Very practical workshop.’ -Connie 

‘Very well done! Fun!’ -Marilyn

‘Can’t think of any critiques. Amazing job sharing information, demonstrating, cueing, reinforcing, starting conversations’ -Anonymous

‘Jess is very enthusiastic about the subject, makes learning much more enjoyable.’ -Sara

‘Really well done, the information was fresh and easy to understand and apply to everyday interactions with our residents.’ -Riley


‘Jessica did a fantastic job with this presentation. She is passionate abut the topic and is very motivating. Her demonstrations and participant involvement were excellent. : )’ -Sandy

‘Very informative, took a lot away. Encouraged learning with all forms of media. Looking forward to a second course as there is still so much material I would love to learn.’ -Katrina

‘A lot of good information, really interactive and keeps staff accountable.’ -Riley

‘Need more!’ -Patti

‘Gem State Model helps me see our club members in a different light and in a better understanding. Recognizing the skills they still have based on their GEM state helps set us both (me and our client) up for success.
Jess and Cheryl were amazing! It was great to be immersed in the moment of each GEM states and think on our feet how to react using PAC.’ -Dyan