Building Skills and Creating Better Habits

After having gained awareness and knowledge through training, greater insight into what is working and what is not working is gained. Skills are introduced through training, but practicing those new skills, performing them well, and making them into habit takes a whole new level of application. Just like playing a sport takes drilling and rehearsal for improvement, so does changing the way we care. In sports, each player has their own skills they are working on, and the team practices together, working towards goals and improved performance as a whole. From professional athletes to successful business professionals, working with a coach can be transformational. The same is true for care-partnering.

Being inspired is important, but actually making adjustments and doing things differently is what creates change. Coaching provides that next level of shifting from what has commonly been done, to getting into the habit of doing things in the new and better way.

PAC Coaching uses Positive Approach skills and a supportive cycle to guide and empower learners through skill building and development. Coaching can be done virtually, one-on-one, or in small groups.

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