Mobility & Transferring Sessions

Getting people up and going can be very challenging! Helping people sit can be really tough!

From understanding the How’s and Why’s of adapting our Cues
to a plethora of physical techniques that work well
getting where we want to be is so much easier with PAC Skills

Virtually or in-person, we will build our understanding of peoples abilities to follow cues, we will learn how to adapt our cuing for varying abilities, and we will practice several ways to provide supportive physical assistance. We will learn more about how we sit, stand, and walk; as well as how to assist others in ways that support natural movements and retained abilities. We will learn various ways of  providing support and stability based on body mechanics, proprioception, and Hand-under-Hand techniques. We will adapt our strategies to compensate for various ability changes and common issues. Have a partner to get up and get going with, we will practice in pairs.

There’s so much we can add to our tool belts on this!

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