Dementia Care Partner Series

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 12 Hours virtual workshops building awareness, knowledge, and skills
   6 weekly sessions, 2 hours each (or another combination for 12 hours total)


  • Enhance awareness and knowledge of dementia.
  • Understand cognitive and functional ability changes throughout the progression of dementia.
  • Identify proactive interventions to promote well-being and reduce challenging situations.
  • Provide care partners with the ability to recognize unmet needs and the skills to change to better meet those needs for themselves and those they care for.
  • Develop a tool belt for supportive communication techniques and adaptive strategies.
  • Improve day-to-day interactions and develop effective hands-on care techniques.

Sessions Include:

  1. Response Ability – Introduction to brain change, ability changes, and responding vs reacting*
  2. Changes in Sight – Understand the dramatic impact of sensory changes and ways to support*
  3. Discerning ComprehensionRecognize if you are being understood and how to be understood*
  4. Getting ConnectedPractice simple, effect techniques to enhance relationships and outcomes*
  5. Doing WithLearn the art of Care Partnering instead of Care Giving using abilities that remain*
  6. Challenging Situations Expand a growing toolbox with problem solving for common scenarios*

*Subject to change as per needs and wishes of the group*

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