Meet Jessica

Jessica has always been passionate about caring and advocating for others. With fourteen years experience in LTC as a hands-on care-partner, Jessica has seen many joys and challenges experienced by people living with dementia and those that care for them. Five years in a Behavioural Support position offered continual emersion for assessing and supporting difficult situations, and reinforced abilities in providing recommendations, education, and skill development. Jessica has worked with dementia expert, Teepa Snow and the Positive Approach to Care team since 2016, developing herself, and mentoring others. Jessica enjoys leading dynamic skill use and improved direct care techniques for hands-on care partnering. Years of training and instructing martial arts adds to Jessica’s comfort in training and coaching care skills, but has also given her an increased understanding of risks related to many commonly taught techniques for managing difficult or escalating situations. Jessica appreciates empowering and proactive ways of preventing difficult situations or escalations in the first place. She believes that Positive Approach skills are universal and fundamental interpersonal tools that can improve understanding, communication, and quality of life for all. Jessica loves hiking, reading, and a warm cup of tea.